Sharonelle Azulene Sensitive Skin Soft Wax, 400g / 14oz

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Natural Depilatory Soft Wax, Azulene for Sensitive Skin 14oz / 400g

Sharonelle Azulene Sensitive Skin wax is formulated for thin, fast and economical applications by waxing professionals and contains blue oil obtained from chamomile flower providing anti-inflammatory protection, bactericidal and anti-allergenic.

Sharonelle Wax is a Made in Canada Natural  Depilatory Wax formulated to melt at a lower temperature providing extra protection against skin irritation, due to its content of Titanium dioxide - an agent of considerable value for burns. 

The 14oz /400g Standard wax can size fits most professional wax warming equipment, Sharonelle Wax is used by waxing and beauty professionals from Coast to Coast across Canada.  

Suitable for all skin types. 

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Open container of wax and place in heater
Allow wax to melt completely. Heat to a lukewarm temperature and stir for even consistency
Test the wax for correct temperature
Clean the area to be treated with a pre-wax cleansing gel
Use a spatula to apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth
Place a cotton/pellon strip on wax covered area and rub firmly in the direction of hair growth
Stretch the skin with one hand and with the other, pull strip in a snappy movement against hair growth
Apply an after wax soothing lotion when treatment is completed
CAUTION: Do not apply wax to pimples, moles, warts, sunburn or inflamed areas

  • Product UPC: 837654176054
  • Size: 14 fl oz
  • Weight: 400 g
    Brand: Sharonelle Wax

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